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Belgium is already taking us in at internet speeds

On the eve of the Belgian match against France, a number of Dutch people will have to swallow that the small country south of us does better than we do with our big mouths. It gets worse, however: not only do they play better there, but you can also download faster in Belgium. This is shown by a survey of British website which compared global internet speeds as in recent years.

The Netherlands has always been reasonably high on the list when it comes to internet speed. Traditionally we always had to tolerate Singapore and the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) for us, but this year the Netherlands has dropped two places to place 7. Belgium has not only come for us, but Romania is now also ahead of us internet . We are slowly sinking, but why?

Slower and faster faster

In the Netherlands we now have an average download speed of 35.95 Mbit per second, while Belgium reaches 36.71 Mbit per second. That is all the more striking because the counter at our southern neighbors last year was still 27.37. In the Netherlands it was 33.52 last year. That means that progress in the Netherlands is slowly declining, if you understand what I mean. If you look at Sweden, they went from 40 to 48 Mbit per second and Norway went from 29 to 40. It is clear that Europe is really far ahead when it comes to internet speeds, because of the top 50 there are 36 European countries. The only countries that are still lagging behind have been slow with the roll-out of optical fiber.

And there is exactly the problem. Our relatively lower ranking also has to do with the slow construction of optical fiber in the Netherlands, something that we have discussed before. Since our national monopolist has bought the party that builds the cables and has just not put them on non-active it does not fire anymore . Our government has already announced that must have ended with slow internet in the Netherlands and that everyone must be connected, so hopefully some steps will be taken so that in a year or two we will case in the top ten. For now it is no different: there are worse things than losing Belgium in terms of internet speed. Like Belgium’s losses in football.

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