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Belgian government wants to invest 15 billion euros in ICT security

The Strategic Committee of Belgium has published an investment plan for the ICT security of the government, companies and citizens. € 15 billion of investment money is set aside for this, of which one third comes from the private sector.

The plan is called the National Pact for Strategic Investments . There are five domains in the plan that relate to ICT security. In the long term, between 2019 and 2030, the plan must provide additional security experts and tools to better ensure computer security. In addition, the committee that modernizes the legislation on security, wants to secure online infrastructure and that companies can obtain a non-mandatory certificate for digital ‘resilience’.

The government wants to hire fifteen hundred ICT security experts, including for Defense. Around 2.8 billion euros will be spent to hire the experts. In addition, 1.1 billion euros goes to expanding training in computer security. There are still too few graduates to hold the positions. The plan also includes setting up a center for testing new technology in the field of ICT security.

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