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Be My Eyes – helping the blind see – Android and iOS Application

Now you can be an eye of blind persons. You can lend your eyes to a blind person when they need through a live video connection. Blind persons can ask for assistance by the community of sighted users.

Be My Eyes is all about contributing and benefiting from small acts of kindness. Blind or visually impaired users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who will be notified on their phone. As soon as the first sighted user accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection will be set up between the two parts. The sighted helper can now assist the blind or visually impaired, through the video connection from the blind or visually impaired user’s rear-facing camera.

As a sighted user, you are part of the big Be My Eyes volunteer-network, so don’t worry about leaving a blind person hanging, if you are not able to answer a request. We will simply forward the request and find the next available volunteer.

The blind or visually impaired person can need help with anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk, to make sure that their clothes match. Blind persons’ most answered within 60 seconds by community.


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