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BBC News launches Tor mirror on the darknet to combat internet censorship

BBC has released an .onion mirror from its news site. The site can be visited via the Tor browser. BBC started this initiative in a fight against internet censorship. The site should simplify access to world news for residents of oppressed countries.

The website, bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion, can only be visited with the privacy-oriented Tor browser . Users can bypass government surveillance and censorship. In the past, countries such as China, Iran and Vietnam have tried to block access to BBC News, the broadcaster writes . Via the new mirror, users in such countries still have access to independent world news.

The darknet site is based on the international version of BBC News, and is accessible to everyone via a .onion URL . In addition to the Tor browser, the .onion link can also be visited with other browsers that have a Tor function, such as Brave. Mozilla is also currently working on a Tor mode for Firefox . The normal BBC News URL also works in the Tor browser, but via the onion URL the connection is encrypted end-to-end and it is difficult to fake the domain name by, for example, spoofing.

Tor stands for The Onion Router. Via Tor, traffic is sent over the internet via a very complicated route. The connection uses nodes for this . These are usually computers and servers of volunteers. The connection ends with a so – called exit node . The website thinks the connection request comes from this node. This way, the identity and location of a Tor user remains unknown.

Tor is often used by criminals, but also has many legitimate goals. For example, the tool is often used by journalists, lawyers and human rights activists, and to bypass censorship in countries where the internet is closed.

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