Battlefield V will not include real money in-game purchases at launch

EA has provided more details about the economy in Battlefield V. The publisher will only add Battlefield Currency at a later stage, sometime after launch, to allow for in-game purchases for real money.

Battlefield V will get two types of currency: Company Coins and Battlefield Currency. Company Coins can be earned instantly, based on ranking, missions, and other in-game actions. The currency can be used not only for cosmetic adjustments, but also for new weapons and vehicles.

Sometime in the future, EA will add Battlefield Currency. Players can purchase this currency for real money and use it for cosmetic customizations such as coats, weapon skins, and camouflage paint. “We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system and Company Coins before we introduce premium currency,” EA said. The progression system covers five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter.

Furthermore, the publisher emphasizes that real money should not provide pay-to-win or pay-for-power, something that EA and developer DICE received a lot of criticism for in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Battlefield V is out November 20 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.