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AZ had a scoop, European game was shown live on Facebook

On Thursday, August 2, AZ played in the preliminary round of the Europa League against the Kazakh club FC Kairat Almaty. A wonderful experience that you as a real fan should not miss (although the result was pretty disappointing). Unfortunately, it was also a competition that took place in the middle of the summer holidays. But with a real scoop, AZ, in cooperation with We Are Blossom and RTL, ensured that no fan would have to miss this loaded competition.

Live on Facebook

Where the regular supporter previously tried to get hold of an illegal stream from the campsite in Spain, AZ sent the entire game on their Facebook channel. A first in the Dutch fields. Before the match, in the rest and afterwards, there was a lot of exclusive footage for these fans.

Players, trainers and fans were interviewed here by YouTuber Neal Petersen of FC Afkicken . In addition, exclusive images from the catacomb were shown by means of a tunnel cam. A unique experience, exclusively for the Facebook streamer.

With more than 14,000 unique viewers, the team was encouraged from France to Canada and even Cambodia. A special situation in which streamers from all over the world enter into a live discussion about the match. That there was actually a need for this was evident from the more than 1,200 reactions under the stream. In addition, fans were able to pass on questions in the comment section, which presented presenter Neal to the players and trainers in real time. This made it a unique and interactive experience for the club and its fans.

Eenhoorn: ‘New target groups’

Through this online broadcast we have reached new target groups at home and abroad, ” so AZ’s CEO Robert Eenhoorn looks back on this initiative. “ It was really meant as a service for our fans who could not be there at the stadium, and in Europe you see the trend that large football clubs are making their own broadcasts on an online platform.

Petersen: ‘Sit ahead’

Petersen, known for his popular online football channel FC Afkicken: “ I have worked for AZ TV in the past and I really enjoyed this Dutch premiere Of course there were things that we could have done better, but for that it was also an interesting test case, and I certainly see a future for Dutch professional clubs.

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