Audi’s flying taxi tested in Amsterdam

During the Amsterdam Drone Week Audi Airbus and Italdesign have together launched a flying and driving ‘Pop.Up Next’ model. This innovative prototype of a flying taxi combines an autonomous mobile electric car with a drone for passengers.

During a demonstration, the passenger capsule was accurately placed on the ground module by the flight module, and then left the test area in a self-driving manner. The prototype is still a model in a scale of 1: 4.

Flying taxi

The flying taxi is coming, we are convinced by Audi. ” So says Dr. Bernd Martens, president of Audi subsidiary Italdesign and as member of Audi’s Executive Board responsible for purchasing and IT. “ More and more people are moving to the city, but only through automation will they continue to be assured of mobility in the future, for example with robotic taxis.” Without having to change trains on the other hand, passengers can work, relax or enjoy themselves. we succeed in intelligently distributing traffic by road and air, benefiting both the cities and their inhabitants.