ASUS: warranty AM5 motherboards also cover beta bios versions and use AMD EXPO

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ASUS reports that its motherboard warranty is not violated by using beta bios versions. The company recently released a beta bios that seemed to suggest it was out of warranty. AMD EXPO is also covered by the warranty.

ASUS writes in a press release that “both betas and fully validated bios updates for AMD AM5 motherboards” are fully covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer also confirms that the use of AMD EXPO, Intel XMP and ASUS DOCP memory overclocking profiles is covered. According to ASUS, all of the company’s recent bios updates follow AMD’s new Vsoc voltage guidelines.

The manufacturer is responding to recent reports from Gamers Nexus, among others. Those messages revolve around how ASUS responded to problems with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors, where a too high Vsoc voltage could cause these CPUs to burn out. That problem was linked to the use of AMD EXPO, which allows users to overclock their memory.

ASUS released a beta bios in early May that was supposed to fix those issues, though Gamers Nexus tests showed that wasn’t the case. The company would have used an early test version of AMD’s agesa microcode for that beta, which was not intended for public release. ASUS also stated in the description of that beta version that the company was not liable for “any damage caused by the use of the beta”, separate from issues covered by the regular product warranty. ASUS has since removed that passage.

Asus was then accused of releasing a bios update that voids the motherboard’s warranty. The company did not respond to questions from Gamers Nexus, among others, last week, but now claims that this is not the case and that memory overclocking profiles such as EXPO are also covered by the motherboard warranty.

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