Asus announces 32″ monitor with 120Hz screen and peak brightness of 1600cd/m²

Asus has announced a new monitor with mini LEDs for professional users in its ProArt line: the PA32UCG. This is a 32″ monitor with a 4k resolution, a 120Hz screen and a mini LED backlight with a peak brightness of 1600cd/m².

The PA32UCG has a 32″ screen with a backlight of 1152 individually controlled mini LEDs. This enables dynamic local dimming and a peak brightness of 1600cd/m², referred to by Asus as ‘HDR1600’. The official VESA designations for HDR support went up to So far no further than HDR1000, but since Wednesday there is also HDR1400. Asus reports that the monitor is still in VESA’s certification process to be allowed to carry the new HDR1400 label. The brightness during regular use, without HDR, is 1000cd/m². The screen supports the HDR formats Dolby Vision, Hlg and HDR10.

The monitor has an IPS-type 10-bit panel that is provided with a layer of quantum dots, so that the screen would offer relatively accurate color reproduction, thanks in part to calibration by the manufacturer. The PA32UCG supports Adaptive Sync to prevent image tearing and stuttering with a range of 48 to 120Hz. In terms of connectivity, Thunderbolt 3, displayport 1.2 and three HDMI ports are present, along with a USB hub.

With its specifications, the PA32UCG is a variant of the PA32UCX announced at the beginning of this year, but with a higher brightness and refresh rate. The screen will appear in the first quarter of 2020 for an unknown price. It is likely that the screen will cost thousands of euros; predecessor PA32UCX is for sale at online stores such as B&H for 3999 dollars.

Asus also announces that the PA27UCX with mini LED backlight and 27″ screen will be released in the fourth quarter. This monitor was announced by the company earlier this year. This model has a maximum brightness of 1000cd/m² and 576 zones for local dimming.