Asset manager to acquire RuneScape developer for $530 million

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Asset management firm Macarthur Fortune Holding has acquired Jagex; that is the developer of mmos like RuneScape. The American company pays $530 million for the British developer.

Macarthur Fortune Holding has acquired Shanghai Hongtou Network Technology, Jagex’s parent company since 2016. Jagex writes that the takeover has no consequences for the management team, which is headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Nothing changes in the leadership of Jagex.

The asset management company that Jagex has now acquired says it wants to use “its experience and expertise” to “add value” to the studio. The company wants to invest in R&D and marketing to attract new players to RuneScape.

RuneScape is a free-to-play mmorpg, first released as a browser game in 2001. A standalone version was released in 2016 and there are more than two hundred million accounts worldwide. In 2018, Jagex Old School released RuneScape for Android and iOS, a mobile version of the old browser game. The smartphone game has been downloaded more than eight million times.

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