Asian webshop had a product page online for Alan Wake Remastered

Rakuten, the ‘Japanese Amazon’, has accidentally released some information about the Alan Wake remaster, which has been rumored for some time. The site showed the game, with platforms listed PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, and a release date of October 5.

The store page, which could be found on the Taiwanese branch of Rakuten, is no longer available online. Twitter user Wario64, who more often manages to track down these kinds of things, made however, a screenshot of the page before it disappeared. In addition, the pages he links to can still be viewed via and the Google Cache.

References to the Alan Wake remaster have already been made public via the Epic Games Store. Code collected by data miners contained that reference. In addition, Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grubb stated earlier this year that Alan Wake developer Remedy would be working on Alan Wake 2. It may be this remaster, or another Alan Wake title in the works.

Alan Wake is a third-person shooter that borrows many elements from other entertainment media, such as Stephen King books and the television series Twin Peaks. The game came out for Xbox 360 and Windows and got a DLC expansion called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.