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Are you stoned? There will be an app to test that

If you are not sure whether you are stoned, cooked, high or otherwise in higher spheres after inhaling or eating any form of THC, then you are stoned. But if you want to know it a bit, uh, you want to know better. That was presented by scientists from the University of Chicago at the Emerging Biology Conference in California.

The app, which is aptly named “Am I Stoned”, was created by Elisa Pabon and Harriet de Wit and allows users to perform a number of tasks that test for memory, responsiveness and attention span. Volunteers who contributed to the test that was connected to the app took a pill containing 0, 7.5 or 15 milligrams of THC (the active ingredient of weed and hash) and after two hours they were allowed to work with the iPhone and computer app.

Follow the tip

One of the tasks that subjects had to do was tap two dots on the screen with their non-dominant hand for 20 seconds. There were three other tasks and the researchers were able to see that users who had used in three of the four cases performed significantly less. Strangely enough that was only the case on the computer, because on their mobile they only had more trouble with one task. The subjects were also pretty accurate when it came to assessing whether they were done or not.

More research must therefore be done into the tasks of avoiding factors such as habituation at the task and lower and upper limits. They are also working on tests that analyze the change in the perception of time of people who are stoned. Ultimately, you should be able to compare a score you have achieved if you are sober with your current situation, so that you can estimate what you could or could not do.

Nice idea, even if the app finally really suits you (he is still in beta and decided) you will not have much in the Netherlands. There you officially can not do anything when you have been smoking, so you do not have to know exactly how stoned you are. Just enjoy, snack and maybe take a nap. Sounds good.

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