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Are these the new colors of the iPhone 9?

Apple will present the new iPhones soon: the keynote will take place next Wednesday. The program includes three new iPhone 2018 models. Of the cheapest of these three, now photos have been leaked on which the colors are clearly visible.

iPhone 9 colors

Apple will probably present Wednesday the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and the 6.5- inch iPhone XS Max. In addition, there is a budget-friendly iPhone 9 on the program, with a 6.1-inch screen. Apple has found a way to visually distinguish this cheaper device from the two more expensive models: colors! Part of the color palette can now be seen on a photo of dummy models.

 iPhone 9 colors  iPhone 9 in white, red and blue

Earlier there were rumors about a colored iPhone 9. On pictures from @Slashleaks we see the red, white and the blue variant. According to the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo we can also expect an orange variant and also the more classic colors silver and spacegrijs of the party. But those are missing on the photos.

Not the first colored iPhone

The iPhone 9 is not the first iPhone that is decked out in striking colors. A few years ago, Apple is already blowing an iPhone with a cheap plastic case in bright colors: the iPhone 5c. It was not the greatest success in Apple’s history to say the least. The first reactions to the above pictures are also not very enthusiastic. Twitterers find that the devices have a ‘plastic look’ and look ‘cheap’. Whether the new iPhone actually looks like this, we will hear next Wednesday.


Next week, Wednesday, September 12, we will hear more about the new iPhone 2018 . Apple then gives a keynote at 19:00 Dutch time. If you want to stay informed, follow us on Twitter via @icreate_EN . Or sign up for our newsletter – on the evening of the keynote you will receive a digital guide about iOS 12 .

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