Arduino releases Uno Mini board with USB-C port

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The Italian Arduino has released a Uno Mini, a small version of its Uno board. It is a Limited Edition that, among other things, exchanges the traditional USB-B port for a more modern USB-C connection.

Arduino Uno Limited Edition

The specs are pretty much the same as the Uno Rev3, but it’s a lot smaller. While the Uno Rev3 measures 68.6×53.4mm, the Mini Limited Edition has a 34.2×26.7mm plate. So the Mini is 913 square millimeters, where the Rev3 is 3663 square millimeters. Arduino therefore claims that the Mini is a quarter the size of the Rev3.

The color is also different, because it uses a black and gold circuit board. The board has an ATmega328P microcontroller at 16MHz, with 32KB of flash memory and 2KB of sram. The connections are the same as on the regular Uno.

The Italian company says it makes the version mainly for collectors, to celebrate that ten million copies of its Uno single-board computer have been sold. The anniversary plate will cost 40 euros.

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