Apple’s HomePod is slowly starting to sell

With the launch, Apple’s HomePod was not exactly right out of the starting blocks. The smart speaker was not very well appreciated for the smart aspects, while most people agreed that the sound quality was very good. That also translated into lagging sales, but in the last months, Apple seems to be catching up. figures show that the company from Cupertino has already taken fourth place when it comes to smart speakers with about 600,000 sold HomePods.

Well, the fourth place is not that impressive anymore when you get the real numbers: Amazon sold four million Echo speakers in the first quarter of this year alone and Google put 2.4 million away. Apple is only close to third place because Alibaba was able to sell 700,000.

But still: Apple has been selling the HomePod only since 9 February and officially the device is only for sale in the US, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

What also does not help is that an Amazon EEcho cant and for less than five decades, while for a HomePod you will probably have to lay down between 350 and 400 euros. In that respect, it is hardly the same product category and you have to put the HomePod more in line with a Sonos speaker in format.