Apple Watch can be used for signaling Parkinson's symptoms

Apple has released a so-called Movement Disorder api for the open-source RearchKit framework, with which the Apple Watch can be used to monitor certain Parkinson’s symptoms.

With the Movement Disorder api, app developers using ResearchKit get the possibility to have an Apple Watch running on watchOS 5 passively and during the entire day monitor any symptoms of Parkinson’s, reports 9to5Mac .
This specifically involves two symptoms: essential tremor and dyskinesia. The first-mentioned symptom involves the vibration of a part of the body, often an arm, while the patient tries to perform a certain movement or action. Dyskinesia stands for involuntary movements.
The idea is that physical diagnostic tests to determine how bad the symptoms are and keeping a diary to map the course of the symptoms are no longer necessary because the Movement Disorder- api can automate this process. Apps can organize the data by means of graphs and make it visible.
Developers must sign up to gain access to the Movement Disorder api. Apple will make the api available from the second developer release of watchOS5

 Apple Watch Parkinson
Photo: 9to5Mac.