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Apple was hacked by high school students who took 90 GB of data

Cyber ​​security is difficult, according to the The Age message that says that a high school student from Australia has hacked Apple servers several times and has downloaded about 90 GB of sensitive information, including customer data. He had saved it – amusingly – in a folder on his computer called ‘hacky hack hack’. Whether the data has gone further than that folder is not known, but since Apple has not reported a data leak, it could be that the damage is not too bad.

Meanwhile the boy has been tracked down and there is a conviction waiting for him, but the fact that the 16-year-old boy (who can not be called by name because of the lawsuit) has been able to get into the Apple servers so deeply to care. The boy managed to get into the internal systems of Apple and he also got the files from there.

Packed by Serial Numbers

The boy was arrested by the Australian Federal Police after receiving a tip from the FBI. At a certain point Apple was informed that someone was in the systems that did not belong there and the relevant data (the serial numbers of the Macbooks used in the attack) were passed on to the same FBI.

The boy is apparently a familiar figure in the hacking scene and according to his lawyer it is important that not too many details come out to protect his identity. The boy was apparently a huge fan of Apple and dreamed of working for the company. Apple has not responded to that outpouring, but the chance that he can still work there has become very small. The hacker has blamed the court and will be told next month what his punishment is going to be.

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