Apple TV 4K will be able to play YouTube in 4k

The Apple TV 4K now has the option to play YouTube videos in that resolution as well. However, the frame rate is still limited to a maximum of 30 and hdr is not supported yet. The device itself can handle that, users on the Apple TV subreddit came up with the news. Some report that the option is in their YouTube app, while others don’t yet have the option. There is a lot of confusion about the topic and all in all it cannot be said with certainty whether the option is enabled by Apple or by Google. to 1440p. HDR is not an option at all within the Apple TV 4K YouTube app. The Apple TV 4K has been on the market since 2017. It has been possible to watch 4k images on YouTube since 2010 and the video platform added HDR support in 2016. Not only with tvOS, but also with iOS there is news regarding YouTube. Recently it turned out that the use of picture-in-picture at the YouTube site via the browser on that OS was no longer possible. That was not entirely surprising, because the pip option is part of the paid YouTube Premium subscription. What is surprising is that per iOS 14.0.1 it is possible again to get a YouTube pip when using the browser.