“Apple streaming service is also a hub for other services and will come in April or May”

Apple wants to offer its streaming video service in April or May at the latest, and it should also become a platform for other services. That is according to CNBC on the basis of sources. Netflix would not participate and HBO would still be in talks with Apple.

According to the American TV channel CNBC, Apple is almost ready to set up its video streaming service. This service allows you to view productions that Apple has made itself. Apple hardware owners don’t have to pay for it.

The streaming service would also be a platform on which users can purchase subscriptions from other providers. Apple would like to offer different streaming services through its service, so that users do not have to open an app per service. However, according to CNBC sources, Netflix does not want to cooperate and HBO has doubts about participation.

The companies are likely to negotiate how much to pay to Apple if customers purchase a subscription through Apple’s hub. The iPhone manufacturer would like to withhold thirty percent of the monthly amount. Providers such as Netflix and Spotify have previously removed the option to take out a subscription from their iOS apps, because Apple charges a commission from the monthly amount when people subscribe from the apps.

The hub operation of Apple’s video service would be similar to Amazon Prime Video Channels. Netflix and Hulu don’t participate in that, but HBO does. Apple has been negotiating with video providers for years about access to their content. The company has also invested heavily in its own material, for example, it has a deal with talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

According to BuzzFeed, Apple will launch a news subscription service on March 25. Bloomberg reports that Apple will announce the video service on the same day and that Hollywood stars have been invited to it.