Apple stops production of iPod Touch and has no plans to develop new model

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Apple will stop producing the iPod Touch. Current stock of the iPod Touch will continue to be sold, but after that, Apple has no plans to release new models or re-manufacture the current iPod Touch.

According to Apple, the function of the iPod has been taken over by other devices and therefore stops the company producing the latest iPod, the iPod Touch. To listen to music, Apple directs users to the iPhone or one of its other devices on which Apple Music can be used.

This marks the end of Apple’s iPod line twenty years after the first iPod. Earlier, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle were already taken off the shelves. At the moment, the iPod Touch is still the only iPod sold, but that will soon come to an end. Apple writes that the iPod Touch will still be offered ‘while supplies last’.

The last iPod Touch model appeared in 2019. This was the seventh generation of the iPod Touch. The latest version of the music player already had many of the same functions as the iPhone, such as Facetime and also ran on iOS 12.

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