Apple releases beta of iOS 9.3 with education applications

Apple has released the first beta of iOS version 9.3. The software mainly contains improvements for the use of mobile devices in classrooms. For example, there is support for multiple users on a single iPad and there is a new Classroom application.

The innovations in iOS 9.3 are detailed on Apple’s website. According to the Cupertino manufacturer, students can log in to any iPad that is used in the classroom, after which their own content is immediately accessible. It is not entirely clear whether this form of multi-user support is also accessible to ‘normal’ users, and thus outside the classroom environment. For students using only their own iPad, Apple has added caching that allows them to start a new lesson without having to redownload all the content that was previously used.

For teachers there is a new Classroom application. This tool allows educators to simultaneously launch applications on students’ iPads. It is also possible to see what students see on their screen, manage user accounts, and reset student passwords where necessary. Furthermore, it is possible to stream the work of an individual student to an external screen, for example in the classroom.

In addition to new features for use at school, a number of changes have been made, including the ability to pair an iPhone with more than one Apple Watch. This requires WatchOS 2.2, which Apple released at the same time as the iOS 9.3 beta. In the new version of the mobile OS, Apple also comes with Night Shift, a feature that reduces the amount of blue light in the evenings, and there are also some small improvements for Carplay and Health.

Apple has released iOS 9.3 as a beta for developers. They will be able to test the software in the near future, and it is likely that there will be a few more beta versions before regular users receive iOS 9.3 as a software update.