Apple presents iPhone Xs and Xs Max (video)

Apple has announced the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Almost everything had leaked before the two aircraft and there were few real surprises. The devices look almost the same as the iPhone X, only the Xs Max has a larger, 6.5-inch screen (also with notch ).

Also technically, the Xs and Xs Max are not very different from the iPhone X from last year. The devices are more resistant to water and dust (IP68) and are the first iPhones that support dual-SIM (nanosim and e-sim).

When it comes to the hardware, there are of course some small improvements. The display now supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, just like the iPad Pro. The iPhone Xs Max has the same pixel density as the Xs with an image resolution of 2.688 x 1.242 pixels.

Face ID works a bit faster on the new iPhone, just like the whole device itself. That is thanks to a new processor in it. That processor is the brand new A12 Bionic, the first 7-nanometer chip for the iPhone, with six cores . The 4-core graphics chip is 50 percent faster.

The cameras have also been upgraded. At the rear there is a new sensor for the wide-angle camera and both cameras now support optical image stabilization. The camera at the front is also equipped with a faster sensor. Thanks to the new A12 processor, the quality of photos would also be better. For example, a new function has been added called Smart HDR.

In addition, you could now make even more beautiful selfies, because the ‘bokeh’ effect (a blurred background) has been improved. A slider has also been added, with which you can adjust the sharpness depth afterwards.

There is also good news for video enthusiasts. Apple has finally added the possibility to record with stereo sound.

Prices start for the iPhone Xs at 1,159 euros, while the Xs Max makes you at least 1.259 euros lighter. For both models there are options with 64, 256 and 512 GB storage capacity.