Apple plans to release two iPhones with larger screens this year

Apple plans to release two new iPhone models in the second half of this year. The devices should have a larger screen than the current 4″ panels that serve on the iPhone 5s and 5c.

That reports the American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which is often the first to receive reliable information about Apple’s plans for the future. The newspaper reports that for the two new iPhone models, Apple is considering screen diagonals that are more than 4.5″ and more than 5″ respectively. The exact sizes have not been reported.

In addition, Apple would like to return to an all-metal housing for the two future models. At the launch of the current generation of iPhones, Apple came with the 5c model, which has a plastic housing. However, it would sell significantly less than the metal variant, the iPhone 5s.

Whether both models will actually hit the market remains to be seen, WSJ said. Within the company, it would still be discussed whether the largest model of the two should be released. Apple is expected to present its new iPhones in September.

It is plausible that Apple indeed opts for larger screens for its next generation of iPhones than can be found in the current models. Smartphone models with a screen diagonal between 4.5″ and 5.5″ are currently very popular among consumers. For example, companies such as HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG all have top models that have such screen diagonals.