‘Apple no longer wants to provide future iPhones with a charging port’

Apple plans to no longer provide future iPhones with a physical connection for charging. That claims financial news agency Bloomberg. Instead, iPhones should always start charging wirelessly.

Apple had already considered removing the Lightning port from last year’s iPhone X, but Apple’s implementation of wireless charging is still too slow to justify that, Bloomberg writes. The article’s author, Mark Gurman, has been known for years for his reliable information about Apple’s future products and services.

Besides the fact that wireless charging on iPhones is too slow, it is more expensive to provide a wireless charger than to put a cable in the box. In addition to the charging port, iPhone designers would eventually like to remove the physical buttons as well. HTC has already done that with the U12+, the first smartphone without physical buttons on the housing. Instead, the phone works with pressure sensors.

air power

Apple has not yet released its AirPower charger, announced in September last year. According to Bloomberg, the release should take place in September. Apple would have liked to do that sooner, but the manufacturer’s demands caused the release to be delayed. The manufacturer wants the iPhone, Apple Watch and boxes of AirPods to charge anywhere. To do this, all kinds of components of different sizes must be located in all kinds of places in the housing.

The AirPower charger has a simplified version of iOS on board, the financial news agency claims. The charger would use that for power management and device pairing.

IPhone X with Lightning connector