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Apple Maps shows the Crimea in Russia as part of Russia

Apple Maps has started showing the Crimea as part of Russia, but only in Russia itself. The company does this at the request of the Russian government. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, which was then part of Ukraine.

It’s about Apple Maps and the Weather app, the Duma reports in a statement. The Duma is the Russian parliament. The parliament is talking about an ‘error that has been corrected’ when displaying the Crimea. In Russia users see Crimea as part of Russia, elsewhere it is not, says the BBC. Then the Crimea is not part of a country.

Russia annexed Crimea five years ago and the international community did not recognize the annexation so far. Google, which also has a map program with Maps, shows Crimea as part of no country. Google simply calls the area “Crimean Peninsula”, peninsula of Crimea, without adding a country. It does use the Russian names of places, the BBC claims.

It is unknown why Apple is now giving in to the Russian government. According to the Russian news agency Interfax, negotiations have been running since May. Moreover, not recognizing Crimea as Russian territory would be a criminal offense in Russia. Apple has not explained its choice.

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