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Apple Maps is being completely renewed

Google Maps is used worldwide in large numbers, also by iPhone owners. Apple’s alternative, Apple Maps, could not compete with Google’s navigation app for a long time. In the United States, Apple has made major improvements and launched new cards. They will also come to Europe later this year.

Apple knew only too well that their own Mapps App could not compete with Google. That is why the company invested millions in the redevelopment of the navigation tool.

Apple Maps greatly improved

The map app from Apple has received a major update. The biggest difference with the version that we still know today is that the maps in the updated Apple Maps were made by the company itself. The newly designed app also provides much more general information, also about public places such as airports, shopping centers, and famous tourist points. The new Apple Maps also comes with a 3D “Look Around” feature, similar to Live View and Street View in Google Maps . A handy tool that helps to navigate in the right direction and is also displayed in high resolution.

Only in the United States

The updated Apple Maps is currently only rolled out in the United States. The Look Around function is not yet widely used and only works in major cities such as New York, Houston and LA. In the coming period, Apple will roll out the updated Maps features across the country and Europe will follow later this year. Whether we immediately have a competitor in the Netherlands for Google Maps is questionable. Apple is certainly aiming at a competitive position and is fully engaged in the battle.

Focus on monitoring privacy
The company focuses on safeguarding user privacy. That might be the best argument for using Apple Maps instead of the commonly used competitor Google Maps. Of course, the latter uses your data to provide useful real-time information. Logically, many users do not want to share all this data with Google and there is now an incognito mode in Google Maps.

Apple emphasizes that its Maps are not linked to an Apple ID. In addition, all data collected when using Maps, such as search terms, navigation routes and traffic information, is only associated with random identification data that is constantly reset to protect user privacy.

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