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Apple makes new Mac Pro available on December 10

Apple has announced that the new Mac Pro will be available on December 10. Interested customers have been told that, and they can place an order from that date. Earlier, Apple had not yet announced a precise release date.

The date of December 10 is on a message that someone got from Apple, to a message on Twitter. The Apple website still mentions that the new Mac Pro will be released this fall. Apple had already that it was aiming for a release date in December, but a precise day had not yet been announced.

The Mac Pro starts with a price starting from $ 6,000. Converted and including VAT, that amounts to around 6597 euros. For that amount, the buyer gets a model with a Xeon-cpu with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz, a Radeon Pro 580X-gpu, 32GB of 2666MHz ram and a 256GB-ssd. Upgrades are possible, but what they will cost is not yet clear.

The Pro Display XDR will be available at the same time as the Mac Pro. That screen has a 6k resolution and an advertised maximum brightness of 1600cd / m², and Apple charges a price of 5000 dollars for that.

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