Apple is working on a network adapter with iOS software and its own storage

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Apple is working on a network adapter with its own memory, storage and software based on iOS, according to an inspection by the American FCC. There would be two versions. One has a Lightning connector.

The network adapter has the type number A2657, according to the FCC documents which made retrievable† One version has a Lightning connector, the other a USB-C connector. There are more differences between the two versions.

The software is called 19F47. According to 9to5Mac is that a codename for iOS 15.5. Power comes from a host computer with USB-A port. This excludes the possibility that it is an accessory for MacBooks, which no longer have USB-A for some time. There are no photos of the device. Apple wants to keep it a secret until six months after the approval. That happened in April, so that term ends in October.

It is still unknown what kind of device it is and what it will be used for. Companies only allow the FCC to approve devices when they come on the market. Prototypes are often not inspected, especially because data about them always come out, which is undesirable with secret prototypes. The inspection is necessary for devices with wireless connections.

Network adapter Apple Version 1 Version 2
Current USB-A USB-A
connector USB-C lightning
Other connectors 2x Ethernet 2x Ethernet
Wireless connections Wi-Fi 5, bluetooth, NFC Wi-Fi 5, bluetooth, NFC
Memory 1,5GB 1GB
Storage 32GB 32GB