Apple introduces macOS Catalina where iPad can be used as a second screen

Apple has previewed macOS Catalina, the new desktop operating system. One of the most important innovations is Sidecar, which makes it possible to use an iPad as a second screen. iTunes also disappears. The beta of the new macOS version will be released on Monday.

Sidecar is a new feature that allows users to extend the desktop of, for example, their MacBook Pro with the iPad as a second screen, Apple writes. This means that the Apple Pencil and iPad can also be used as a drawing tool for certain Mac apps that support it. Apps like iWork, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Illustrator support Sidecar.

Another important change is the disappearance of iTunes. The replacement comes in the form of three new apps that Apple says will make it much easier for users to watch or listen to music, TV shows, movies and podcasts. The three apps are the new Music app, the new Apple TV app, and the Apple Podcasts app.

Furthermore, macOS Catalina introduces a new way to fully control a Mac with voice commands, which is mainly aimed at users with a physical disability who, for example, are unable to use a mouse. Using Siri, they can control the computer with their own voice, and voice control is now also available in iOS and iPadOS.

In terms of security, Gatekeeper checks all apps for known vulnerabilities and all apps must now ask for permission to access user documents. With the “Approve with Apple Watch” feature, many security questions can be answered through Apple’s smartwatch. In addition, the new Find My app anonymously communicates the location of a stolen or lost Mac to the owner via another Apple device, even if the stolen Mac is turned off.

MacOS Catalina, or version 10.15, also adds the Screen Time feature. This gives users insight into the time they spend using websites and apps. Limits can be set to restrict the use of certain apps. If a certain maximum screen time is set, it can be synced via iCloud, so that the duration of use on iPhone, iPad and Mac is added together.