Apple event October 2021 recap: all announcements

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The Apple event of October 19 was mainly about the MacBook Pro 2021 and AirPods 3, but there is much more on display. We’ve gathered all the announcements for you in our October 2021 Apple event recap.

Apple event October 2021 recap: Unleashed

The theme this time was Unleashed. In retrospect, this was clearly a reference to the new MacBook Pro 2021, which has been unleashed with its new processor(s). But other products have also been upgraded. This all passed.

1. MacBook Pro 2021

It’s almost too much to mention: a completely new design, the return of all kinds of connections, two new processors, a super-bright mini LED screen, the disappearance of the Touch Bar … The MacBook Pro 2021 is completely new, and more Pro than ever. Read all about it in our article about the announcement: MacBook Pro 2021: Finally all problems solved.

2. AirPods 3

Yes, there they are finally: the third generation AirPods. They have a new design very similar to the AirPods Pro, support for spatial audio and Find My, and better battery life. Read more in our announcement article: AirPods 3 are getting dangerously close to the Pro.

3. HomePod color

Apple has announced three new variants of the HomePod mini with very trendy colors: red, yellow and blue.

4. Apple Music Voice

A surprising new variant of Apple’s music streaming service has been announced: Apple Music Voice. This is a cheaper subscription where you can only control the music with Siri: perfect for people who only want to listen to Apple Music via the HomePod. Just like the HomePod itself, however, this subscription will not come to the Netherlands.

5. Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro

Both Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro have received significant updates. Logic now has support for Dolby Atmos, making it easy to mix music for the AirPods’ spatial audio feature. With Final Cut Pro, you can now edit movie mode videos from your iPhone. There is also now a new Object Tracker, with which you can use an object or person as an anchor to attach titles or other effects.

6. One more thing

Do you have €25 in your wallet and would you like to get rid of it? Then Apple has the new product for you: a cleaning cloth. Yes, Apple has released its own cloth for cleaning your displays, including a hefty Apple tax. Also nice: they even have a compatibility list.

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