Apple delivers separate Radeon Pro W6600X for Mac Pro for 800 euros

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AMD announces the availability of the Radeon PRO W6600X GPU for Apple’s Mac Pro. Apple will deliver this video card later this month for a price of 800 euros. This makes it the least expensive option of the Radeon Pro W6000X GPU series for the Mac Pro.

Like the three GPUs of the Radeon Pro W6000X series, which were made available earlier, Apple offers the Radeon PRO W6600X in MPX modules, or the Mac Pro Expansion modules. Apple indicates on its site that the Radeon PRO W6600X will be available between March 23 and 25.

The video card isn’t just available as an upgrade for existing Mac Pro users; it is also possible to purchase the gpu as part of a Mac Pro configuration. Compared to the standard selected Radeon Pro W5500X with 8GB GDDR6 memory, an additional cost of 345 euros applies.

Apple released the Mac Pro in 2019. The base model costs 6449 euros and the Tower version has a price tag of 7199 euros. AMD has not released the Radeon Pro W6000X GPUs as separate video cards. Apple previously released the Radeon Pro W6800 and W6600, but the variants that Apple uses for the Mac Pro are positioned higher.

GPU Compute units Stream-
Infinity Cache TGP GDDR6
Radeon Pro W6600X 32 2048 128bit 32MB 8GB
Radeon Pro W6900X 80 5120 256bit 128MB 300W 32GB
Radeon Pro W6800X 60 3840 256bit 128MB 300W 32GB
Radeon Pro W6800X Duo 120 7680 256bit 256MB 400W 64GB

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