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Apple Arcade reaches range of 100 games

Apple Arcade subscribers now have a choice of 100 games. Apple reached this number by recently adding a series of new games. The game service came out almost two months ago, and costs 5 euros per month for unlimited access.

Engadget noted that Apple has recently added a number of new games to the catalog. This includes Sociable Soccer, UFO on Tape: First Contact, Takeshi & Hiroshi, Guildlings, Discolored and Marble It Up: Mayhem. With these games, the total number comes to 100. Apple is already advertising on its website with a range of ‘100+ games’, which should be available this fall.

With a catalog of 100 games, Apple has almost doubled its range in two months. Apple Arcade was released in mid-September, and then contained a total of 54 games. The game service costs 5 euros per month, and subscribers can download and play unlimited games via iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. The games have no in-app purchases.

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