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Apple announces Watch Series 5 with alway-on screen

Apple has announced a new generation of its Apple Watch on Tuesday. The Watch Series 5 has a screen that is always on without having a negative impact on battery life. WatchOS 6 has also appeared.

The screen of the Watch Series 5 uses an economical LTPO back panel for the OLED screen. LTPO stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. Particularly when operating at low frequencies, this panel would be more energy-efficient than the LTPS-TFTt panels that Apple used to date and the frequency of the panel of the new model could go as low as 1Hz. According to Apple, therefore, the battery life remains at a maximum of 18 hours, just like the specified battery life of the Watch Series 4. The screen can dim and the brightness can be increased again by tilting the wrist.

Another new feature of the fifth generation is a built-in compass, while 4G models receive support for international emergency calling, or the ability to call emergency services in more than 150 countries by holding down the side button. The hardware of the wearable is otherwise unchanged. The OLED display still has 368 x 448 pixels and the S5 is the soc. The appearance of the wearable is also unchanged, but Apple adds models with a titanium and ceramic casing in addition to new colors. Apple also released a ceramic Watch in 2016, but the company canceled that version a year ago.

Sales of the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS versions begin on September 20 in 41 countries, while the 4G versions become available in 22 countries. The starting price of the GPS version is 449 euros, that of the 4G version 549 euros. Apple continues to keep the Watch Series 3 in its range. The starting price has been reduced from 299 euros to 229 euros for the GPS version and 329 euros for the 4G version. Apple Nederland mentions euro prices for the 4g models in its press release.

The release coincides with the release of the final version of watchOS 6. This version of the operating system, which has been available to developers as a beta since June, adds some new features. Perhaps the most important is the arrival of the App Store on the smartwatch. This allows users to download apps directly from the software store. In addition, the standard app Calculator, Audiobooks and Dictaphone are present in the OS.

WatchOS 6 also brings new dials and widgets and users can now stream audio via apps other than Apple Music. The Activity Trends app gives the user insight into trends in the field of sport and movement and the Noise app measures ambient noise via the microphone to prevent hearing damage, for example. Finally, there is a Cycle, with which women can keep track of their menstrual cycle.

WatchOS 6 appears on September 19 for the Series 3 and later versions and later this fall for the Watch Series 1 and 2.

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