Apple announces macOS 10.14 Mojave with anti-tracking tools in Safari

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Apple has announced macOS 10.14 Mojave. The new version of the desktop operating system has a new version of Safari with anti-tracking tools, the manufacturer said during its own developer conference WWDC.

For example, Safari counteracts fingerprinting tracking by passing less data to browsers, such as which fonts are on a Mac or iOS device. In addition, Safari shows a notification if, for example, Facebook wants to track users via a Like button.

In addition, there will be a dark mode in Mojave. Dark mode adjusts the menu bars and content of standard Apple apps, among other things. Currently, a dark theme already exists in macOS, but it only darkens the top bar and dock, leaving the rest of the operating system with its normal theme. In the new dark mode, all menu bars, including the dock, can be given a dark look.

Mojave also gets Create ML, an Apple service to train an algorithm with machine learning thanks to rendering in Metal and using the GPU. Finder also comes with an option to view files in a Gallery view, with a sidebar for details. In addition, in addition to screenshots, users can also make screen recordings with the Screenshot tool, something that was already possible with Quicktime.

Starting next year, iOS apps will be able to run on macOS with minimal changes, Apple said. You can do that by making UIKit work on macOS. A number of iOS apps work from Mojave on macOS, such as Home for smart home applications. Stock, News and Voice Memos are also coming out for the desktop operating system. The redesign of the App Store for iOS is also coming out for the Mac App Store. Mojave will be released this fall for Mac desktops and laptops, while a developer beta will be online Monday.

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