Apple: 89 percent of Touch ID device owners use fingerprint scanner

Of the owners of an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID functionality, 89 percent have actually set up and use the fingerprint reader, Apple announced. Users would unlock their iPhone 80 times a day on average.

At its June 2014 WWDC keynote, Apple revealed that 49 percent of iOS users had set up a passcode before Touch ID arrived. With the arrival of the iPhone 5s, and with it Touch ID, that would have increased to 83 percent at the time. Meanwhile, the percentage of Touch ID users has risen to 89 percent, Apple said during a deep dive on security, according to Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, who attended the presentation. In previous research, this agency itself came to a percentage of 85 percent of users who unlock their device via Touch ID or pin.

Apple introduced Touch ID when it announced the iPhone 5s in September 2013, after acquiring fingerprint recognition company AuthenTec in 2012. In September 2015, Apple announced the second generation of the scanner, which would run twice as fast. All iPhones after the 5s, the iPad Air 2 and later versions, the iPad Pros and the iPad Mini 3 are equipped with the functionality.