App can unlock Mac via TouchID sensor on iPhone

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The makers of FingerKey have found a way to unlock a Mac computer via the TouchID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. Multiple computers can be unlocked with the software and support for Windows and Linux should also be added in due course.

Interested parties can download FingerKey for an amount of 1.79 euros in the App Store. The software can be paired with a Mac, after which it is possible to unlock the computer with the FingerKey application by using the TouchID fingerprint sensor. For example, users do not have to enter their password, which may be more secure in public spaces. There is also a widget available for the notification center, so that the app itself does not have to be opened.

Connections are made via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and are secured with 256-bit AES encryption. FingerKey only works with Macs for now, but the developer promises to work on support for Windows and Linux as well. FingerKey can establish links with multiple computers.

The developer warns that there are problems with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. An update, which will be released shortly, should ensure that FingerKey also works on the latest iPhones. Work is also being done on support for the so-called pattern unlock, where a computer can be unlocked by drawing a pattern on the touchscreen.

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