Android app users should be able to delete account data from 2024

Android app makers must give users the option to delete accounts and all user data from 2024. Users should be able to do this through the app, or through a website. Google says the new rules give users more control.

Android apps that allow users to create accounts must also allow users to delete those accounts and associated data. That Google announces as part of new Play Store policy. With the new policy, users have more clarity and control over in-app data, the company said.

App makers must also create a website where users can go to delete account data, so that users do not have to reinstall an app if they have deleted it. Under the new policy, app makers must delete all data associated with an account if a user requests account deletion. App makers can also choose to give users more control over what they delete, such as only deleting usage histories, images, or videos.

If an app maker stores data that cannot be removed due to legislation, fraud prevention or security reasons, for example, then that app maker must also make this clear to the user. Google’s app store will make it clear to users “early next year” how to remove their account data from an app; then the new policy will also take effect. Account makers can get an extension until May 2024, if necessary. Similar rules have been active within Apple’s App Store since June 2022.