Analyst firm IDC: fewer tablets delivered worldwide in 2022

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Fewer tablets were delivered worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 than in the same period last year, analyst firm IDC has calculated. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of growth in developing countries, which is why some manufacturers are showing interest in the product category again.

Deliveries were down about three percent year over year, baby IDC. The number of tablets delivered amounted to 38.4 million. There were no major shifts in market shares. Apple remained by far the market leader, followed by Samsung and Amazon. Lenovo and Huawei lost market share, but remain in the global top five.

In 2022, various manufacturers started showing interest in tablets for the first time. For example, OPPO came up with a tablet and sister brand realme did the same. Google is taking tablets seriously again. The Chinese brands mainly focus on developing countries, says IDC. There they try to persuade consumers to buy different products of their brand.

In developing countries, deliveries of tablets have increased, while in other countries they are declining. Tablets experienced a small revival at the start of the corona pandemic, but the situation has now stabilized again, the analyst firm says.

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