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An iPad exploded in the Apple Store in Amsterdam, and that is not the first time

Boem! There was an iPad in the Apple Store in Amsterdam, all the way to the Philistines. Three employees were therefore affected by their airways. The store is immediately vacated.

Batteries Apple

The cause was probably a leaking battery that overheated. It was not a typical blast with smoke and fire. The iPad is immediately placed in a container with sand. The fire department ventilated the store, after which it was safe again.

Apple uses lithium-ion batteries. They are compact and have a lot of energy in them. The disadvantage of this type of battery, however, is that the electrodes can become too hot. This can be the result of a production fault, damage, fake chargers or bad luck. Fortunately, such situations do not occur very often.


Yet it is not the first time this year that there is an explosion in an Apple Store. This January, a battery from an iPhone in Zurich exploded. Also in Valencia it was hit. In addition, there have also been reports of exploded batteries that have been replaced by non-Apple companies. Usually it goes well, but if the batteries are not used properly. A recommendation from the fire department is to always use the supplied charger. You also do not have to put a device on the charger unnecessarily.

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