Americans vexed by Japanese supercomputers

Last year we already reported that Japan had surpassed America by using the supercomputer Earth Simulator. The American government was not happy with this and foresaw a technological lag behind the Japanese. To find a solution for this, they have teamed up with IBM the table sit down. IBM has a 39 percent market share in the supercomputer market, making it the largest player. The main point of discussion is that the US government wants to see pure computing power. However, IBM and other companies want to work on supercomputing technology that is also interesting for incorporating into cheaper equipment. This can clash because speed and quality do not always go well. In the meantime, IBM continues to work on new supercomputers:

Meanwhile, IBM continues to tinker with successors for ASCI White for Lawrence. ASCI Purple will start calculating next year and will be four times as powerful as Earth Simulator. Blue Gene/L will follow later, a monster that will be able to handle 350 trillion calculations per second.