‘American music organization demands at least 200 million dollars from Roblox’

The National Music Publishers’ Association is demanding at least $200 million from the Roblox Corporation, the company behind Roblox. That writes the American Variety. According to the NMPA, Roblox uses music without paying any royalties.

“Roblox makes hundreds of millions by letting users upload music tracks to the Roblox platform for a fee,” said NMPA President David Israelite during the annual board meeting, according to Variety. “The Roblox Corporation does not inform or warn users about copyright violations, nor does it prevent the violations,” it said.

The NMPA wants damages and guarantees that artists will be paid for their work shared on the platform, according to Variety. According to the organization, music from Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran, among others, was shared on the platform. As a result, major music labels support the lawsuit, including ABKCO Music & Records, Big Machine Records and Concord Music Group.

Roblox responded in a statement, saying it would “vigorously defend its position to reach a fair settlement with music industry partners.”