AMD registers new brand names

Chris Tom van AMDZone has been snooping around on the US Trademark site and found five brand names that were registered by AMD on December 21. It may be the final names for the Hammer series. It concerns the following words:

  • AMD Forton
  • AMD Metaron
  • AMD Multeon
  • AMD Vanton
  • AMD Opteron

Whether these names will actually be used remains to be seen. The same site shows that names such as AMD Alereon, AMD Millenion, AMD Avenger and AMD Adventor were also registered in the past, but we now know that they have never been used.

It is striking that all names end in ‘-on’. This is reminiscent of Intel’s Xeon, also a processor family aimed at the server and workstation market, where AMD wants to take a bite out of the Hammer series. In that case, it seems that AMD, after the extension XP for Athlon, is now once again looking to connect with the big established names in the branch. Why register five names? That is unknown, but the registration of several names could be done, because there is still no agreement on what the final name will be, but can also serve to keep the watching competition in the dark about the final name. Multeon could possibly refer to a multicore processor.