AMD introduces Athlon 4 1500+

AMD today has the Athlon 4 1500+ processor for notebook and laptop computers announced. The newest member of the Athlon 4 family has a clock speed of 1.3GHz and is the first Athlon 4 processor to be named after a Quantispeed model number. The Athlon 4 is based on the same Palomino core that also serves as the basis for the Athlon XP and Athlon MP, with the difference that the Athlon 4 operates at a lower bus speed of 200MHz and is equipped with the power-saving PowerNow II technology. PowerNow support is standard in Windows XP. Compaq is the first manufacturer to start supplying an Athlon 4 1500+ laptop. OEMs pay a purchase price of $525 for the CPU:

AMD today introduced the mobile AMD Athlon 4 processor 1500+, the highest overall performing processor for notebook PCs. The new mobile processor, featuring QuantiSpeed ​​architecture and AMD PowerNow! technology, delivers the highest notebook PC application performance to meet the demanding needs of today’s business professionals. Systems based on the mobile AMD Athlon 4 processor 1500+ are expected to be immediately available from Compaq Computer Corporation.

Joining the AMD Athlon XP and AMD Athlon MP processors, the new mobile processor will be identified with model numbers, as opposed to clock speed in megahertz.

[…] AMD’s mobile processors continue to deliver high performance running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Business and home users who rely on notebook PCs can recognize the improved software performance and quality computing experience that results from running Windows XP and mobile AMD Athlon 4 processor-based notebooks. Native support for AMD PowerNow! technology in Windows XP enables an extraordinary user experience by providing a balance of low power computing and performance on demand.


Compaq will feature AMD mobile processors in its Compaq Presario 700 notebook series. The Presario 700 can be ordered immediately from the Compaq Web site at


The mobile AMD Athlon 4 processor 1500+ is priced at $525 in 1,000-unit quantities. For complete pricing information, please visit