Ambient Mode ensures that this television goes into your interior

The televisions in our living rooms are becoming larger, broader and more expensive because we also want the best viewing experience at home. Watching TV is also a bit of relaxation and that is what you want to do as optimally as possible. And so you choose a TV that has the best picture quality and with that the largest possible screen. But what if he does not like it? If it still fits in your interior, you probably hear your wife asking. A large TV simply stands out more, it is a large black area when it is switched off, and thus it is quickly a disturbing element in the living room. Samsung has the solution for that. And equipped the new QLED TV with Ambient Mode.

With the QLED TV you still have the best picture quality, a nice big screen, and when the TV is off, it can then be perfectly integrated into your lifestyle and interior. You can see an example of this in the image below. Where it is not immediately noticeable that a TV is hanging on the wall.

Ambient Mode

The last thing you want (and have to do) is to adjust the interior to the TV, as in the video below. No, the new QLED TV gives you enough flexibility.
The Ambient Mode transforms your television into a contemporary screen. And so you give the screen even if you do not watch TV the look that fits your living room. And not only does he adapt completely to your environment, but he also reveals it. So it becomes the most beautiful TV that you do not see.
To begin with, you have to choose a background for when the TV is off. That could be the pattern of the wall behind it, you can take a picture with the SmartThings app on your smartphone. But it is also possible to choose a pre-programmed option from the menu. That can, therefore, be a certain color or pattern. And on top of that comes one of the following options. The time or the weather (Info mode), a decoration for example mountains (Deco mode) or you choose one or more photos (Photo mode).

No cables

The Ambient Mode makes the TV even better in your living room. But then you also want to have the cables nicely removed. Good news, it is also supposed to be there. The QLED TV is equipped with the One Connect Box, you can connect all your other peripherals. And that One Connect Box can then be connected to the TV with the ‘One Invisible Cable’. This transparent fiber optic cable of only a few mm thick is barely noticeable and thus a nice and neat arrangement is always possible.

Best image quality

And all this without compromising image quality. This of course always has the top priority when choosing a TV. That is why the new QLED TVs use Quantum Dots to convert light into the most intense colors, while at the same time providing a better contrast: what is black you will actually see as black, which is light is light. Also, take the brightness and a wide viewing angle, and everything together ensures that you always have a great picture under all (light) circumstances.

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