Amazon will get a Belgian webshop ‘in the coming months’

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Amazon will have a local webshop for Belgian users. The webshop will soon be available via the url ‘’. Top Currently, Belgians can only make purchases via the Dutch, German or French version of Amazon.

Amazon wants to make its local webshop available to Belgian users ‘in the coming months’, the company writes in a press release. The webshop can then be reached via the url ‘’. The company chooses that address because ‘’ has been used by the Belgian insurer Baloise for many years. Belgian SMEs that want to offer their products via Amazon Belgium can already register for this, the company writes.

The fact that Amazon is starting a Belgian webshop does not come as a complete surprise. The company already said in February that it will open a delivery center in Antwerp in the fall. Business Insider obtained documents last month which would indicate that the retailer would come to Belgium. Those documents stated that the Belgian webshop will be available at the end of September. Amazon does not confirm that in its press release.

Amazon is not yet disclosing any concrete information about the range it will offer via Amazon Belgium. Belgian users have been able to order products via Amazon for some time, but they have to do so via other countries. For example, Flemish users can shop in Dutch at Amazon Netherlands and Germany. Users from Wallonia can use Amazon France.

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