Amazon warns Kindle users to update to preserve the internet

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Amazon is warning users of older Kindle e-readers to update their devices to a new software version before March 22. If they do not implement the critical software update, the e-readers will lose their internet connection.

The critical software update, details of which Amazon is not disclosing, will affect all Kindle readers prior to 2013. In practice, this means that all Kindle readers up to and including the fifth generation must be updated to the latest software version, as well as Kindle Touch from pre-2013. the fourth generation and the fifth generation Kindle Paperwhite. All seventh-generation Kindle variants and the sixth-generation Paperwhite do not require an update.

If you do not update your e-reader before March 22, you will see the message that the device can no longer be connected to the internet. They can then only manually implement the update. Amazon reports on its site which software versions the Kindles must run as a minimum in order not to lose the connection and the company also clarifies the steps that users must go through to update their devices.

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