Amazon subsidiary Blink shows security cameras that run on batteries for 4 years

Amazon subsidiary Blink has presented two new security cameras. The cameras can run for two years on two AA batteries as standard, but there is an option to expand that to four AA batteries to run the cameras for four years.

That option is an Expansion Pack that will be released later this year and will cost an additional $ 30, Amazon reports. It fits the new Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor, the brand’s security cameras presented on Wednesday.

The long battery life is possible due to a homemade chip, claims the Amazon brand. Blink calls it the Immedia AC1002B, which has four processor cores at a maximum of 200MHz. There are no further details about the chip. Immedia is Blink’s previous name.

Both security cameras have a maximum resolution of 1080p with 30fps for video and option for nighttime image recording with infrared. In addition, there is motion detection, a speaker and a microphone. The security cameras work with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa and come with a subscription for storing images on Amazon servers: that costs $ 3 per month for one camera and $ 10 per month for an unlimited number of cameras. Users can also save images locally.

The Indoor version costs $ 80, the Outdoor version costs $ 100. Blink’s cameras have been released in the Benelux in the past. Amazon has not disclosed whether that will happen again. Amazon acquired Blink at the end of 2017.