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Amazon shows function to create private skills for Alexa without writing code

Amazon has unveiled the Blueprints function. This allows users of a device with Amazons digital assistant Alexa to create skills themselves without having to write code. Those skills can not be consulted publicaly.

Thanks to BluePrints for example, users can create skills that allow a guest or babysitter to ask where certain things are stored. It would also be possible for students to practice for a test by entering the right questions and answers. Blueprints is also suitable for games and the addition of self-made jokes.
Via a separate page, users can manage, modify and delete the self-made skills, says Amazon . The skills are only available on devices that users have linked to their Amazon account, such as smartphones, tablets or Echo speakers. They can not be reached or searched publicly.
At present, only users in the US can use Blueprints; users must set the language to English US in their Alexa app. Alexa works in English, French and German.

Example of Alexa Blueprint-skill; Houseguide


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