Amazon reverses New World players’ progress after gold compensation error

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Amazon has reversed player progress on New World’s European servers by several hours. Players accidentally got too much in-game gold to compensate for past tax issues. The trading post function is completely disabled for the time being.

During the distribution of the compensation gold, something went wrong with the database in which the sum was determined, resulting in some players claiming to receive up to 300,000 in-game gold pieces. Many of the affected players have probably quickly bought expensive items from the retailers. In response, New World’s European Servers were temporarily placed in a state of maintenance that prevented players from playing. A few hours later, Amazon Games announced that the massive money error was beyond repair; rolling back all progress was the only option.

That’s why the state of New World’s European servers was rolled back by several hours on Thursday afternoon. Progress of players, companies and the trading posts were returned to the state they were in at 12:45 PM. Reversing the trading posts, on the other hand, takes a lot longer, so this function is still not available at the time of writing.

This isn’t the first time New World has had problems with the in-game economy. In early November, players discovered that they could duplicate gold through a glitch. The trading feature was disabled in response. Two weeks later, a glitch was also discovered that allowed items to be duplicated. In this case, ‘all forms of capital transfer’ were temporarily disabled.