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Amazon Prime Video also lowers bitrate video streams

Following Netflix and YouTube, Amazon is also announcing measures to reduce the bandwidth of its video service in the EU to reduce pressure on European networks. The service therefore reduces the bitrate.

A spokesperson reports the measure to The Guardian. “Prime Video works with authorities and ISPs as needed to resolve network congestion, including in Europe, where we have already begun to reduce streaming bitrates while maintaining the quality of our customers.”

The measure is similar to that of Netflix. In an explanation of the decision, Netflix informs that customers will receive the 4k or sd quality of their subscription, but for 30 days at the lowest possible bit rate to reduce the bandwidth by a quarter. The service further states that the quality depends on the device, the network load and the subscription anyway.

YouTube takes a different approach: the service temporarily sets the quality for all users as standard standard definition. If you want higher quality, you have to adjust it manually. The measures were taken at the request of the European Commission, which wants the pressure of video services on European networks to decrease, in order to prevent overload and thus an impact on working from home.

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